Starbucks Coffee, Kuching, Malaysia

After we checked in for our return flight from Kuching to Singapore, we decided to find a cafe/bistro/coffee joint to while the time away. We didn't bother going into the departure area, because there really isn't much in there. We chilled out at the only cafe/bistro/coffee joint in sight, which happened to be the only Starbucks that we've seen in the whole of Kuching. 

I'm always curious to try out the localised concoctions of the international brands in any country, and Kuching had a variant of my favourite green tea frappe, the Black Sesame Green Tea Frappuccino (RM$8.70).

Tiny little sesame seeds were sprinkled on top of the frozen concoction, which was blended with savoury aromatic ground sesame powder. This was really quite delicious, I really think it'll be a hit in Singapore if this was brought in here.Update 7 July 2011: I saw this available at the DBS Building Tower Starbucks, yippee!!

Starbucks Coffee
Kuching Airport


belle said...

I believe I've seen this drink being offered at Starbucks outlets in Singapore recently, too!

Bern said...

Really?? I haven't seen it at the ones in the CBD area. Only the strawberry frappe.

Ying Yin said...

Hey this drink is already in Singapore! Just tried it yesterday, really delicious!! I just set up a food blog, if you have the time, perhaps you could go have a look? (: Thanks! Have been an ardent reader of your blog btw! :D


Bern said...

Oh damn, I wasn't able to find it at both the DBS II and Bugis location. Thanks for the tip though to you both, will go check if the black sesame green tea frappe is out at other locations tmrw. Wish me luck!

Bern said...

BTW Ying Yin, I totally agree that food does make people happy! Except for dieters, of course.

Pris said...

Love the food pix on your blog!

Just so torturous for a preggy person like myself with all my cravings overseas!

But if ever I have an extended stay in Singapore, would def. wanna try out the places you recommend!

Anonymous said...

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Bern said...

Hi Desmond,

Thanks for your support! You can contact me at bernice_t@htomail.com

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