Cedele Restaurant, Raffles City

The tagline of Cedele is to "eat well" and "be well". This really is quite apt, seeing as how they focus on natural, healthy, organic food that purportedly has no trans fats.  You are, afterall, what you eat. It's one place that we head to for a relatively guilt-free meal.

While most Cedele outlets serve only sandwiches, soups, breads, pies and salads, they have branched out into full-service restaurants serving the whole gamut including pastas, seafood and poultry mains, rice.

Raffles City Shopping Centre has 2 Cedeles, a bustling cafe in the food basement, and the other, a full-service restaurant on the 3rd floor, nearer to the convention area. This, in its more tranquil and quiet corner, is really quite a good place to chill out, chat and linger.

The Chicken Portobello Sandwich ($14.80) has the one thing I love, portobello mushrooms! I could probably eat a sandwich or burger with just this as a filling. Not tofu. I hate tofu burgers/sandwiches. A succulent piece of grilled chicken thigh is paired with a juicy portobello mushroom, topped off with savoury melted brie, onion marmalata, fresh crisp lettuce and sweet tomatoes. This was richly satisfying and yet had a feel-good factor about it.

The Prawn Cocktail and Bacon Sandwich ($7.80) had a refreshingly-chilled, sweetish but still savoury filling of steamed fresh tiger prawns, minced and blended with light cocktail dressing, bacon, red pepper and lettuce.

The large-portioned soups make for a complete meal in itself. I sometimes have that for lunch. The Chicken, Tofu & Mushroom Chowder ($7.50 for large) is a thick creamy potage filled with wholesome shredded chicken breast, beancurd cubes and woodsy shitake mushrooms.

I prefer the more delicate Double Mushroom Chicken Soup ($7.50 for large), with a stronger chicken soup base and my fave portobello mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms and sweet root veggies such as carrots and celery completed the dish.

Cedele Restaurant
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 6337 8017
Open daily from 11am to 10.30pm
Website: www.cedeledepot.com

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