Cedele Restaurant, Raffles City

I'm someone that's perfectly comfortable eating alone in a restaurant. Of course I'd prefer eating with someone because of the lively conversation, but every once a while, when the Fiance is busy, I'll eat by myself. It brings to mind this episode of Sex & The City, when Carrie was lamenting how she couldn't eat by herself, alone in a restaurant, because it made her feel like a freak. And the girls discussed about how some guys, if they see a girl alone in a restaurant, would automatically think she's a freak. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with people eating alone. What do you think?

The Fiance was having a dinner meeting at Swissotel so I headed there after work to have dinner at Cedele while waiting for him. Not the one in the food basement, but the one at the 3rd floor. Cedele is nice and quiet, because it's situated at the convention centre, away from the hustle of the main shopping area of Raffles City, so it's great for a meal alone. Plus, the iPhone makes for a fantastic dinner companion...who needs to carry around hardcopy books when you have the iPhone?

I had the Red Seafood Risotto ($16.90) with seared white fish, prawns and mussels in tomato basil arborio rice. This was terrible, which was surprising, because it was the first time I've ever had a bad meal in Cedele. The seafood was stale, rubbery and/or fishy, very off-putting both in smell and taste. The fish fillet was choc-full of bones, I was spitting out bones with whatever little bite I bit off the fillet. The only edible thing on the dish was probably the rice.

Cedele Restaurant
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 6337 8017
Open daily from 11am to 10.30pm
Website: www.cedeledepot.com

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Anonymous said...

The Prof says : Those who can't eat alone are the freaks.

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