Beng Hiang Restaurant

Beng Hiang is one of the stalwarts of Hokkien cuisine in Singapore. It's been around since 1978 and it shows. From the dated 80's decor to the affable aunties serving the long-time customers, this place reeks of tradition and old spice.

Beng Hiang is located in the Hokkien enclave of Telok Ayer/Amoy Street, so comparisons will invariably be drawn between this strikingly red-doored restaurant and Bee Heong, another Hokkien heavyweight. Having tried this place, and in comparison, I prefer Bee Heong.

Because of its proximity to the CBD area, avoid this restaurant at all costs during the peak lunchtime. It's ridiculously difficult to find a table here. Dinnertime is a lot more peaceful and private.

We had the Traditional Hokkien Noodles ($7 for small), thick, luxurious and dark, with a slightly smoky finish. This was quite slurpilicious.

The Braised Vegetables ($12 for small), on the other hand, was quite light. I liked the delicate, watery sweetish oyster sauce gravy slathered over the cabbage, baby corn, mushrooms and black moss. 

The Fish Maw Thick Soup with Crabmeat ($28 for small) was indeed thick, starchy and with depth. But the bamboo shoots and carrots could be a lot softer and cooked through. I prefer Bee Heong's version over this.

The Emperor Herbal Chicken ($30 for whole) was aromatic, but very light, compared to Bee Heong's version and Zi Yean's version.

This was stuffed with herbs, red dates, wolfberries, and had a very strong herbal taste to it, but it was somewhat weak and watery. The chicken was also a tad dry, not soft enough and a little tasteless.

Beng Hiang serves up complimentary dessert, which changes daily. This was a sweet bean soup, thick and balanced.

Beng Hiang Restaurant
112-116 Amoy Street
Tel: 6221 6695
Open daily from 11.30am to 2.30pm for lunch and 6pm to 9.30pm for dinner
Website: www.benghiang.com

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