Cafe Le Caire

We usually like hanging out at Arab Street in the afternoons, there's this languid, sleepy vibe that's such a refreshing change to the fast pace of our work-life. It's completely different at night though, it's crowded, lively, messy, almost rowdy, due to the number of pubs and late-night cafes in the area.

We had a lazy Sunday brunch at Cafe Le Caire, and wow, was it lazy. It may be due to the heat of the afternoon sun, but service was super, duper, unbelievably slow. Slower than it usually is. In fact, it was so slow it took more than half an hour for the kitchen to get our orders out, and notwithstanding the delay, our orders were wrong anyway. And we were the only customers. We would have liked to be informed if they were going to take such a long time with my food. Mind you, I'm not very particular about service standards, but hey, I don't think it's unreasonable to ask that I be informed, beforehand, if my food was going to take more than half an hour to arrive. I would have gladly gone someplace else.

Please note that I may be biased about the food because I was so hungry by then. We liked the Grilled Chicken Steak ($11) a piece of succulent chicken thigh grilled on a spit to a smoky finish. it was well-marinated and juicy, but not too oily.

I do like the aromatic spices and seasoning, typical of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Although we ordered fish kebabs, they gave us Shish Tawouke ($14.50) instead, chicken kebabs that were moist and tender. I suppose it's easy to mix up the 2 as they sound alike, but hey, I'd like to think our pronounciation is pretty accurate.

Despite the wrong order, this was yummy, flavoursome and moist chicken breast meat.

Cafe Le Caire
39 Arab Street
Tel: 6292 0979
Open Sundays to Thursdays from 10am to 3.30am
Wednesdays to Saturdays from 10am to 5.30am
Website: www.cafelecaire.com

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