SICC The Lookout

The club's recently launched its new mega clubhouse, after almost 2 years of renovations. The Lookout is its open-air coffee-house overlooking the golf course, with all day dining serving both local and western fare. It's really lovely in the mornings, as the early morning mist covers the green fairways and the weather's nice and cool. We were in the area and decided to pop by for breakfast. It's been a while since we had American-styled breakfast and you know what a sucker I am for eggs and bacon. 

I got the Two Fried Eggs ($7.50) scrambled and served with toast, an English cumberland sausage, grilled tomatoes, hashbrown and crisp bacon. While I'm a fan of most sausages, I've since discovered I don't particularly care for the cumberland variety. It's probably got something to do with the herb mixture.

The Fiance got the Club Breakfast ($12.90), which is basically like my dish, but with additional Danish pastries, and he had his eggs sunny, instead of scrambled.

The Lookout
Singapore Island Country Club
180 Island Club Road
Open daily from 6.30am to 10pm


Anonymous said...

why are the weiners grey? thats a damn gross colour. even if grey is the standard colour for cumberland. Prof.

Bern said...

Don't know...I took one bite, spat it out and gave the rest to Don.

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