No Signboard Seafood Restaurant, Geylang

One of my best friends has just relocated back to Singapore after more than 10 years abroad in England (and no, he's not one of those pretentious pricks with a fake, cannot-make-it, English accent). He'd been complaining about how he'd been eating crappy food recently and was quite disappointed with local food as a result, so we brought him to No Signboard Seafood at Geylang, a regular fail-safe crowd-pleaser. I've never brought anyone here and not gotten rave reviews of this cze char-and-seafood joint. It was, as usual, a good dinner choice. He loved the food here.

He took really well to the Sauteed Scallops with Superior X.O. sauce ($25 for medium), fresh plump sweet scallops were married with a umami XO sauce with hints of dried shrimp, dried scallops and oyster sauce.

The Sambal Kangkong ($8 for small) had a suitably spicy kick, and the veggies were wilted without being too soggy, leaving the tiniest bit of crunch for measure.

The Fried Onion Egg ($8 for small) was smoky, fluffy and flavoursome, with the natural sweetness of sliced onions still preserved in the cooking process.

We were in the mood for some steamed fish so we got the Hong Kong Style Steamed Soon Hock ($7 per 100g). I really do like having marble goby, even if it's somewhat a freshwater fish (it spends its formative years in the sea, but its adult life is spent in freshwater streams and lakes). It tastes like grouper, but with a softer texture. The soy-sesame oil marinade was delicate and didn't overwhelm the fish.

The Braised Yee-fu Noodles ($7 for small) were soft, tender and tasty without being salty, with crunchy fresh beansprouts providing a refreshing balance to the noodles.

We quite like the Red Bean Pancake ($10 for small) here, the red bean filling is smooth, creamy and sweet without being cloying, while the pastry is crisp, flaky and buttery.

A closeup shot.

A plate of sourish Pickled Achar ($2) to whet your appetite.

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant
No 414 Geylang Road
Tel: 6842 3415
Open daily from 12 noon to 1am.
Website: http://nosignboardseafood.com/


Anonymous said...

Prof says : Nope. Soon Hocks can be found in mining pool ponds. i caught a few when I was a kid. dont you think soon hocks are frigging ugly?

Bern said...

Duly noted, although how on earth would I know about mining pools right? Not like there were mining pools (that I know of) to fish in or that I even fished when I was a kid.

Err, it doesn't bother me how pretty or ugly the food was before it became food as long as it tastes good.

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