Marrybrown, Kuching, Malaysia

Marrybrown is one of Malaysia's premier fast food chains, specializing in fried chicken. Of course comparisons are bound to be drawn with KFC, the international chain of fast food restaurants specializing also in fried chicken. While the chicken at Marrybrown is better than the KFC in Singapore, it's not as good as the KFC outlets in Malaysia.

There was a Marrybrown outlet at the adjoining shopping mall to the hotel where we were staying at, which was so convenient for a late-night snack.

We got a piece each of the Original and Hotouch Chicken (RM$6.10), the equivalent of KFC's original and crispy. 

We opted for the chicken thigh meat of the Original, which was lipsmackingly juicy and flavoursome. While the Original wasn't as uniquely and distinctly seasoned like KFC's version, this was still a really delicious piece of fried chicken, mostly because the chicken was fresh, plump and succulent. No frozen meat used here.

The clincher was the chicken breast meat of the Hotouch, which was mouthwateringly moist and tender, which is quite a feat for breast meat that's been tossed in the deep fryer. This was quite spicy though, which left me sniffling a bit.

Website: www.marrybrown.com.my


Anonymous said...

looks rather greasy. Prof.

Bern said...

It was greasy, but not overwhelmingly so. And there really is a difference between fresh and frozen meat.

Marrybrown said...

Thanks for visiting our outlet! Will be glad send you our gift vouchers to visit us again for our "fresh, plump and succulent" fried chicken@!

Bern said...

Dear Marrybrown,

Yes will totally appreciate the vouchers! Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be visiting Kuching in the foreseeable future. Keep up the good work though!

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