Penang Seafood Restaurant, Geylang Lor 25A

I'm a creature of habit, and do, frequently, find myself going back to my regular haunts over and over again. So to expand my foodosphere, I constantly ask my friends, especially the picky foodies, where their favourite food places are.

Like with the recent discovery of Penang Seafood Restaurant at Geylang, credit must be given to my foodlover of a friend E who introduced us to the best cze char I've had in a while.

Penang Seafood Restaurant serves up just about the most extensive menu I've seen in quite some time. And inspite of its name, they don't just serve up Penang cuisine. They do a wide array of local cze char fare too. Everything we had was excellent, and the fact that we got seconds of almost every dish speaks for itself.

Service here is brisk and efficient, despite the restaurant's full capacity on a Friday night, but what really sets apart Penang Seafood Restaurant from the usual dour-faced service standards at most cze char eateries is how the staff here manage an upbeat, positive attitude that's so refreshing.

A word of warning though, parking is a real pain (it is Geylang afterall); the very-law-abiding Kimchi took about half an hour looking for a proper lot. If you're, like us, more flexible, you may consider slotting your car in anywhere that doesn't block traffic and turn on the SummonsAunt app (this shall not constitute an advice to commit any traffic offence).

The Penang Fried Kway Teow ($5) is a must-try. Heck, all of the Penang-style noodles here are must-tries. This lightly-spiced rice noodles, interspersed with crunchy beansprouts, crispy pork lard, scrambled eggs and sliced lup cheong, was beautifully imbued with a smoky fragrance.

The Penang Assam Laksa ($4.80) was a myriad of the sour, sweet and spicy flavours that blended seamlessly into a heady complex dish.

The Penang Prawn Mee ($4.80), with its robust but balanced prawn broth that never got cloying, was just sumptuous to the last drop.

The Salted Egg Sotong ($12) was insanely good. The squid was cooked perfectly, still soft with the barest of chew, and the salted egg coating was nicely contrasted against the subtle heat of the fried curry leaves and cut chillis.

The succulent Shrimp Paste Chicken ($10) was so thoroughly-marinated it was flavourful to the bone.

The deceptively plain Jane Fermented Pork ($10) was an explosion of pungent saltiness, set off by the moist and tender pork strips and crisp battered coat.

The Stir-Fried Hongkong Kailan ($10) was a simple dish elevated by incredible finesse in its execution. Toothsome, with a hint of smoky aura and garlicky essence, this was just awesome.

Penang Seafood Restaurant
76 Geylang Lorong 25A
Tel: 6841 3002
Open daily from 11am to 12midnight
Website: www.penangseafoodrestaurant.com.sg


Aiwei Allan said...

I actually like food in Geylang a lot too (my grandmother used to live near the area) but because it's Geylang (traffic plus the activities), I don't like to go there…might break the rule and check this one out because the food looks so good.

Bern said...

I think this area is still quite alright, not as seedy as the other areas because it's so near the mrt station. little worry of seeing or encountering any "nightlife creatures".

in any case, the food here is so worth it. we dabao from here quite a bit ever since that dinner!

yixiao said...

looks so good, my sister just made a reservation for lunch this sunday haha

Bern said...

whoa that sure was fast! let me know how your lunch went yeah?

NT said...

Fried kway teow looks delicious....

Bern said...

it keeps well too! the hubby just dabao-ed this the other night and we cld still taste the wok hei!

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