ABC Kway Chap, ABC Brickworks Food Centre

We don't eat kway chap very often, mostly because the Hubs isn't a fan of offal, but every once a while, like today, I will get a hankering for it. So, we drove out to ABC Brickworks Food Centre. I'd heard of a reputably good kway chap stall here.

Apart from the "normal stuff" like egg, beancurd and pork belly, I also ordered a small portion of small intestines for myself. That's about the only innards I'd eat. The eggs and pork belly were decent(loved that the egg yolk didn't have the gross grey rim so typical of most hawker braised eggs), while the beancurd was excellent. However, the small intestines were disappointing. These reeked of semi-digested food. 

The saving grace of the kway chap here is the broth the slippery smooth rice noodles are dunked into. Robust but not too heavy on the herbs that it'd induce a headache, this was just the perfect balance of rich and delicate. I would be most happy having this alone with the eggs and tofu.

The store facade for reference; it's right at the far end of the hawker centre, near where the wet market is.

ABC Kway Chap & Pig's Organ Soup
6 Jalan Bukit Merah
ABC Brickworks Food Centre
Open Mondays to Saturdays from 11am to 9pm; Closed on Sundays


muchadoabouteating said...

Oh I didn't know this stall is famous. It probably has the best "kway" in sg. I am going down today for my kway fix before abc closes from tmr

Bern said...

yeah totally...good to the last drop!

i saw the banner too, that reno works will commence monday onwards...missed out the part abt when it'd open again...do u know when?

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