Antoinette, Mandarin Gallery

You may have observed by now, that we seem to be eating our way through Mandarin Gallery. It's true. In a span of just 1 week, we've eaten at 3 of their restaurants.

Of the lot, Antoinette is one of our favourites. Ever since they first set up shop in the very unlikely industrial-ish estate in Lavender, the café has been our go-to place for croissants and western bistro fare. Oh yes, they don't just serve up girly food like tea and cakes. Their savouries, while decidedly limited, are scrumptious.

The must-try all-day breakfast dish of Scrambled Egg Gratin ($16.50), slathered with piquant tomato fondue and layered with salty Paris ham, sauteed mushrooms and topped off with Parmesan, is seriously awesome. Toasted bread are on hand to wipe up every last bit of eggy sauce. Heck, I skipped the bread and practically licked the plate clean.

The Wild Mushroom Risotto ($24), is one of my personal favourite mains here. Al dente arborio dosed generously with a myriad of shimeiji, oyster, porcini and white button mushrooms, splashed with white wine, and garnished with Serrano ham and Parmesan shavings, this is insanely delicious. Just the right thing to wipe our memory off that awful asparagus risotto at Jones the Grocer.

We don't usually order their burgers, because who in the right mind would eat a burger at a Parisian tea lounge, right? BUT, the Hubs was craving burgers, and he ordered the Burger Royale ($20), with tempered hopes. As it turned out, this was indeed disappointing. The beef patty, while flavourful, had been pan-fried too long, leaving it high and dry. The rest of the burger was good though, the fluffy toasted broiche, melted aged cheddar, tangy homemade tomato relish, but they couldn't quite mask the patty's lack of juices. This was sided by kettle chips and a petit salad with tangy house dressing.

333A Orchard Road
Mandarin Gallery #02-33
Tel: 68369209
Open daily from 11am to 10pm
Website: antoinette.com.sg


Anonymous said...

have you been to hashida sushi? I need someone I can trust to tell me if I ought to plonk my money down! (or do you want to do lunch there? :p)

antoinette I thought could be much better than it is. I've never had their savories, but even their sweet stuff seems a mere shadow of what they could be..

Bern said...

u shd order their savouries! they're AWESOME. we always takeaway their egg gratin and risotto.

Bern said...

haven't been to hashida...let's do lunch there!

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