Kwong Satay, Geylang Lor 29

The coffeeshop where Swee Guan Hokkien Mee is situated must have the best fengshui ever. Apparently, the duck rice, and bak chor mee stalls also play their roles in drawing in the crowds, AND, there's yet another notable hawker legend here: Kwong Satay, a Chinese-style satay grill-master with his very own die-hard fans.

I've heard that some "dabao" their raw satays and otah for barbecue parties. A quick check online revealed that they've capitalized on their popularity and started a delivery service to cater for barbecue parties.

I love Chinese-style satay, primarily because of pork satay! We ordered both the Chicken ($0.50 each) and Pork ($0.50 each), well-marinated, imbued with a smoky char and dripping with juices. The pork, leaner than the chicken, was balanced out with layers of artery-clogging fat slivers. These were all so good, I actually didn't quite realize I wasn't dipping them in the rather generic satay gravy. If I had to choose, and it's a difficult one, my vote would go to the chicken satay: more succulent, sans the guilt-inducing stark fat slivers.

This is the one time that the food actually lives up to the hype; I'm glad we decided to try this despite our misgivings having seen the numerous TV-show and newspaper endorsements plastered all over the stall facade. 

Kwong Satay
549 Geylang Lor 29
Sing Lian Eating House
Tel: 65650002
Open daily from 5pm to 11pm; Closed alternate Wednesdays
Website: www.kwongsatay.com.sg


Richard said...

They used to do a kick ass pork belly satay but have since discontinued it ):

Bern said...

i've heard of that too! Mmm, pork belly...too bad i nvr got to try it, arghh!

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