Kith Cafe, Park Mall

Sometimes, it's a good thing to give second chances. Like yesterday, we gave Kith Café another shot, despite a rather underwhelming brunch sometime back. I couldn't quite understand, then, how there were such rave reviews of the food here.

But boy am I glad I gave this homey cafe another go, for dinner this time instead of brunch, because our pastas turned out pretty damn good. The food was rustic, not particularly refined, but they were hearty and executed with finesse. And, the icing on the cake was how affordably cheap the dinner was, resulting in a very value-for-money meal.

We'll definitely be back.

We ordered the daily specials, and loved them both. The Crabmeat Linguine ($22) seasoned with garlic, chilli, cherry tomatoes, kaffir lime, and oodles of shredded sweet crabmeat was wonderfully balanced. 

The King Prawn Linguine ($22), also seasoned with garlic, chilli and cherry tomatoes, laid on a bed of peppery rocket leaves was just as balanced. This was generously laden with 3 halves of perfectly cooked, bouncy, juicy grilled prawns.

Kith Cafe
9 Penang Road
#01-01E Park Mall
Tel: 6338 8611
Open daily from 8am to 10pm


RERG said…
went to the outlet at Sentosa Cove. Severely overpriced and mediocre.
Bern said…
that sux! haven't been to the sentosa one but i'm assuming the prices there are a notch higher than this one at park mall?
meds said…
agree with RERG that the Sentosa Cove one is terrible, in comparison. I've always kept Kith@Park Mall as an easy go-to if I'm in the area and need some proper food and coffee. Their cakes are still missing the oomph factor though.
Bern said…
this one at park mall, we loved coz the food was super value-for-money. the one at sentosa cove, they probably jacked up their prices due to higher rentals and possibly to cater to the sentosa cove crowd, who probably can well afford it anyway. And, THAT's why we haven't been there to eat!

re. the cakes, we weren't too enticed by the cakes either...besides, we were stuffed by the time we finished our pastas.
Anonymous said…
I don't get kith at all, but then your second try looks like I ought to give it one too..

think meds is right about it being an easy-to-go; the location in an otherwise brunchless area is mucho convenient.
Bern said…
prefer their pastas to their brunch eggs. we were actually at park mall browsing this clock shop...wanted to get one of those statement mechanical clocks/anniversary clocks, they're gorgeous!

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