Whitley Road Fishball Noodles, Lavender Food Centre

In case you can't tell by now, my latest crave is fishball noodles. I've been eating fishball noodles ALL week and I still can't get enough it of. I blame PMS.

This is one of my favourite stalls for fishball noodles. Unlike most fishball noodle stalls that diversify with other types of noodles like bak chor mee, this stall only sells one thing and one thing only. Fishballs and its ancillary product of fishcakes. Purists will likely go mad for this stall.

The thing about this Fishball Kway Teow ($3.30) is the chilli sambal paste. Sinus-clearing to the max, this got me teary and sniffling from the get-go. The tomato ketchup base grounds the sambal in a muted sweetness and enlivens it with a bit of tang, while a couple of sinful lard pieces and crisp garlic bits complete the ensemble. The fishballs here are better than the one at Yong Kee, bouncy, fresh and tasty, so I suppose it makes up for the lack of my beloved fish dumplings.

The stall façade for reference. Apparently, this stall was featured on some "Lost & Found" TV show, as this stall used to be located under that flyover at Thomson Road that now houses futsal courts.

Whitley Road Fishball Noodles
380 Jalan Besar
Lavender Food Centre #01-12
Open daily from 8am to 1.30am; Closed alternate Tuesdays

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