The Lookout

The Hubs says that my membership at the club is completely wasted. I don't play golf (no ball sense whatsoever and I try to stay away from the sun...too aging!) and ever since I signed up for Muay Thai classes at Impact, I don't ever use the gym here anymore. The rare occasions that I ever step into the club is really to use the dining levy to eat. While Silk is the arguably the best dining establishment in the club, The Lookout offers cheap(er) fare in a much more casual setting where there isn't a dress code to adhere to.

The Fillet Mignon of Veal ($25.90), wrapped in bacon for an extra punch of flavour, was pretty good. Especially when you consider how cheap it is. This was sided by mashed potatoes, boiled root vegetables and drizzled with a thin but tasty red wine sauce.

The Lookout
Singapore Island Country Club
180 Island Club Road
Open daily from 6.30am to 10pm


Oysterdiaries said...

I prefer Bukit 19th Hole to the Lookout but I totally agree with Silk being the best eating place in SICC!

But the best thing about SICC is really the toilets especially those at the Island location. Used to gym there occasionally on weekdays till I became 21. Now my dad has to be with me haha.

Bern said...

the lookout has a nicer view!

oh yes the toilets at island r much much nicer now after the reno. very hotel-like. oh why didn't u get your membership converted? it's a good investment, esp for the future when u can bring your kids there to play.

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