People's Park Food Centre

We grabbed a light bite from this stall while in Chinatown running a couple of errands. We had dinner planned for later but were famished; the hunger pangs were a-beckoning. We figured, just one popiah and a few kueh pie tee cups will do to tide us over till dinner without spoiling our appetites.

The Kueh Pie Tee (5 for $3) was decent, but not outstanding. The chilli sauce was too muted and the so was the radish mix. But, the fried flour bits were helpful in adding flavour and texture.

The Popiah ($1.40), due to the lack of those delectable crispy bits, was resultingly more mediocre. It's really because of the radish mix lacking in depth of flavour.

The store façade for reference.

Fu Cheng Homemade Springroll
People's Park Food Centre
(next to Bee Cheng Ham the bak kwa stall and along the same row as Hoe Kee Pau (about 5 stalls))

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