Relish by Wild Rocket

I don't think many would dispute that lawyer-turned-chef-and-restaurateur Willin Low of Wild Rocket kickstarted the mod-Sin food movement. By dishing up western dishes with typically Singaporean ingredients, the innovative chef created an entirely new genre of cuisine that has slowly but surely gained a cult following.

Relish at Cluny Court is the casual bistro burger joint to the more elegant but still rustic-ish restaurant at Mount Emily (which has since been closed as of 30 November 2013). I'd heard good stuff about this place and it was on my to-eat list for the longest time but for some reason or another, I never quite got around to it.

Such a pity though, their stuff is pretty awesome. Hearty comforting bites made familiar with the infusion of Singaporean flavours. Even if service isn't quite top-notch. We didn't get no iced water until we asked for it (to be fair, we only realised that we weren't served water until the end of the meal because we were too busy tucking into the grub). Also, I've heard (since early last year from Ernie) that Relish is going to be closed down (not sure when though coz it's been a year since the closure news) and so, better hit it before it really does actually bring down its shutters.

Popular with the purists, the Wild Rocket Beef Burger ($18.50) comprises a thick succulent hunk of meat wedged with arugula, Sarawak pepper cream, sun-dried tomato relish and curry-spiked mayo between 2 pillowy sesame buns. A side of thick cut fries rounds off the carb content. 

At first brush, the burger seems relatively ordinary. Until we got to the relish dolloped in the center of the patty. The delicately tangy, mildly sweetish and uplifting spicy combination of pepper cream and tomato relish totally elevated the burger from meh to outstanding. Just think of it as the fairy dust that makes Tinkerbell fly.

The Ram-Lee Beef Burger ($21.90) is Relish's take on the beloved Malaysian street food. A hunk of a medium-done beef patty is swaddled in a thin omelette and layered with melted cheese, red onions, Thai sweet chilli sauce and mayo. Justice would not be served without giving a shoutout to the amazing side salad, dressed in that tantalising ginger-sesame oil emulsion so reminiscent of chicken rice.

So scrumptiously dripping with juices.

A recommendation of the waiter, the Hae Bee Hiam Spaghettini ($19.90) was pretty good. Unexpectedly spicy, thin wisps of al dente pasta were tossed in aromatic shrimp belachan and chunked with scallops. The scallops weren't particularly plump but these babies were very fresh, cooked lightly so it never tipped into the rubbery field.

Relish by Wild Rocket
501 Bukit Timah Road
#02-01 Cluny Court
Tel: 6763 1547
Open Mondays to Fridays from 12noon to 3pm for lunch; 6pm to 11pm for dinner
Weekends from 12noon to 11pm
Website: www.wildrocket.com.sg


sharon said...

Hello bern,

You should try their char siew burger next time. Melts in yr mouth. I have been there several times. They have another outlet at serangoon gardens too. Just fyi.

Bern said...

yeah i've heard a lot abt that burger! will try that the next time i'm in the area. though, i'm probably more likely to visit this cluny ct one than the far north serangoon gdns branch! :)

Anonymous said...

you are seriously so uninformed. wild rocket has closed and relish at cluny is due to close soon.

Oysterdiaries said...

I haven't tried this place either even though it's next to school :S

There is a new cafe opposite school (along evans road) btw called assembly coffee!

Bern said...

hahahaa, you're not the only one. i didn't try relish when i was at my bt timah rental either!

haven't heard of assembly coffee but it sure sounds like another one of those hipster coffee joints! does it serve good food, at least?

Oysterdiaries said...

Heard their waffles and coffee are good!

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