Fengshan Food Centre @ Bedok North Road

We happened to be in the east so we thought we'd head to Fengshan Food Centre at Bedok for some soupy minced pork noodles. This famous hawker centre is the value-for-money and much better quality version of the infamous tourist-trap that is Newton Hawker Centre. I'd venture to say that this place is even better than Chomp Chomp at Serangoon Gardens because parking here isn't as headache-inducing as the one-lane, always jammed-up roads at Chomp Chomp.

If any tourist would like to sample our local favourites such as barbequed seafood, minced pork noodles, fried hokkien prawn noodles, oyster omelette, fried carrot cake, chwee kway, porridge, rojak, chicken wings, satay, this is the place. Afterall, it's a sure sign of authenticity when the locals themselves flock to this bustling hawker centre.

Minced Pork Noodles

There are 2 stalls, located side-by-side, serving the same soupy minced pork noodles. Some swear by one stall, while others are steadfastly loyal to the other. Personally, I've tried both, and there's really no discernible difference between the versions served by both stalls.  I say, always opt for the one with the shorter queue. Your tummies will thank you for the good sense.

We ordered from the stall located right at the corner end today, Soupy Minced Pork Noodles ($3 for large, $2.50 for small), the noodles were perfectly al dente and springy, in a clear but rich pork broth, and generous ingredients of minced pork and pork balls.

For completeness, I've provided pictures and addresses of both stalls.

Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian
Tel: 9835 7884
Open daily from 5.30pm to 2am. Closed on Mondays

Seng Hiang Food Stall
Tel: 9018 9846
Open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 6pm to 5am; Sundays to Mondays from 6pm to 1am


BBQ Chicken Wings

We also ordered some BBQ Chicken Wings ($1.10 for each), which were very tasty, but not as juicy as I'd like them to be. I think the one at Lavender Food Centre is better.

This chain of BBQ chicken wings has 2 stalls in the same hawker centre. I say, order from the stall with the shortest waiting time.

Sin Bedok North BBQ Chicken Wing


BBQ Seafood

What would a meal at Fengshan Food Centre be without ordering the ubiquitous barbequed sambal seafood? Although there are a lot of stalls selling barbequed seafood, I say, go for the one with the shortest queue. The very slight difference in quality and/or sambal is not proportional to the waiting time if you were to go for "the best" stall, which will have a very very long serving time.

We got Sambal Stingray ($10 for medium), fresh and smooth fish topped with a thick, fiery, dried shrimp-based sambal that packed a punch, served on a sizzling hotplate

The Sambal Sotong ($8 for small) was cooked perfectly, tender with nary a hint of rubberiness, and slathered in a more watery, less prawnish sambal than the one on the stingray.

This stall is apparently new, but their food was still very yummy. The best part was that they served up food really fast!

Wang Wang BBQ


Pork Porridge

The Pork Porridge ($3.50), with an added egg, was absolutely delicious, the texture was thick but smooth from hours of painstaking slow-cooking and patient stirring. It was also unbelievably rich in flavour. Fresh, not frozen, pork slices and mince were used to chunk up the comforting porridge.

Please note that this stall does a roaring business, so the queues here are consequently long. Try this only if you have the patience/time or if you happen to pop by during the off-peak period and the queue is unexpectedly short.

Chai Chee Pork Porridge
Tel: 9672 0521

Fengshan Food Centre
Blk 85
Bedok North Road

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