Marks and Spencer

You know, before we got together, the BF was a disciplined, healthy, fitness buff who woke up at 8.30am sharp every morning, including weekends. 3 years into the relationship, he's now a not-so-disciplined, less fit, junk-food-loving couch potato who loves naps and sleeping in on weekends. It's funny how relationships shape people huh?

In addition to the above-mentioned "bad habits" I've inculcated the BF, I've also introduced him to Marks and Spencer's range of cookies and snacks. M&S really makes some of best junk food. We buy them almost every week to savour in front of the telly.

One of my favourite cookies are the Double Chocolate Viennese Sandwiches ($6.50).

These aren't too sweet, which is really great for me (because chocolate tends to give me headaches).

I love their Combo Mixes, with a myriad of textures and always inventive seasoning. This is their Salt and Black Pepper Flavour Crunchy Combo Mix ($4.90).
These were lightly salted with the subtle heat and fragrance of black pepper.

The BF's favourite cookies are the All Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies ($5.90).
The cookies are extra thick, with chunks of really delicious semi-sweet chocolate.

Marks and Spencer
501 Orchard Road
Wheelock Place
Tel:6733 8122
Open daily from 10.30am to 10.30pm

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