Shibly Muslim Food & Restaurant

We woke up late one lazy Sunday afternoon and went for prata along Casuarina Road. There are 2 prata shops along the short stretch of restaurants adjacent to the road leading into Pierce Reservoir. Casuarina Curry is the more well-known of the two prata shops. We've tried both and have concluded that although Casuarina has the crispier prata, Shibly has the better curry.

Shibly's Egg Prata ($1.50) is the traditional squarish, slightly chewy insides with a lightly crisped crust type of prata. Their curry is thick, creamy and suitably spicy. A perfect complement to the savoury prata.

The Roti John ($3) French bread filled with tender morsels of spiced chicken and covered in beaten egg and fried, was meaty, robust and thoroughly satisfying.

Shibly Muslim Food & Restaurant
132 Casuarina Road
Open daily from 8am to 11pm

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