Tiong Shian Porridge Centre, New Bridge Road

Tiong Shian's provision of our local classic comfort food of steaming hot Cantonese-style porridge has made it a firm favourite with clubbers requiring post-alcohol sustenance because it's open till late. The coffeeshop in the heart of Chinatown spans 2 storeys, with air-conditioning available on the second floor.

Although Tiong Shian specialises in claypot frog's leg porridge, I prefer and only order the Chicken Porridge ($3) here. The porridge is a smooth rice gruel with tiny discernible rice grains in a flavourful broth. Add in their simply marinated, smooth and tender chicken pieces and you have a brilliant version of the Cantonese porridge.

The Stall front.

Over the years, Tiong Shian has also expanded to include regular cze char fare, other than their usual porridge offerings. We like their San Lou Hor Fan ($6), which is arguably one of the better versions of this sliced fish noodle dish. The slippery flat rice sheets pass down your throat like silk and the generous slices of fish are fresh and flaky. This was clean, light and delectable.

We also ordered the Crispy Noodles with Seafood ($4), which didn't wow us as much as the aforementioned hor fan. Still, the seafood was fresh and plentiful.

For our daily fibre needs, we got the Sauteed Spinach ($6), a simple but yummy dish full of flavour and nutrients.

The Stall front, also in the same coffeeshop.

Tiong Shian Porridge Centre
265 New Bridge Road
Ann Kway Building
Tel: 6222 3911
Open daily from 8am to 4am

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