Chang Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant

Chang Korean has been on my to-eat list for quite some time. The Dempsey Hills long-timer is well regarded by the Korean expat community for serving up reasonably decent Korean fare. It's not the most authentic (for that, you'll have to make friends with the Koreans and invite yourself into their homes) and tbh, it can't quite compare to Seoul's offerings, but this was as good as you're gonna get in this part of Asia.

They say the mark of a good Korean restaurant is its kimchi, and in this case, the kimchi was dismal. It was excessively sour and lacked the punch of a spicy kick or the sweet of fermentation to balance it out. The other banchan were a hit-and-miss. The cauliflower, dubu-jjim (chilled steamed tofu), and gamja jorim (soy marinated potatoes) were adequate, but the sigeumchi namul (seasoned spinach), kong-namul (seasoned soy bean sprouts) and oi muchim (kimchi cucumbers) were dreadfully mediocre.

Thankfully, the Haemul Soondubu Jjigae ($18), spicy seafood tofu soup, fared better. Fresh enough clams and mussels, beautifully silky beancurd, sweet zucchini, and an oozy egg was softly poached in a robust seafood broth.

I liked the crisp and subtle heat of the Haemul Pajeon ($22), a seafood pancake studded with onions, spring onions, green chilli, and a small gripe here, just 4 shrimp.

The barbecue was where Chang Korean shone, and must-trys include the (top to bottom) Wang Yangnyeon Galbi ($45) marinated prime rib, Ddak Bulgogi ($28) marinated chicken thigh, and Heukdoijee Moksal ($37) kurobuta collar, all luscious, flavourful, and best of all, cooked to a smoky, juicy perfection by the wait staff.

Chang Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant
Blk 71 Loewen Road
Tel: 6473 9005
Open daily from 12noon to 3pm for lunch; 6pm to 10pm for dinner
Website: www.changbbq.com

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