Ramen Bari-Uma, United Square

It appears that Bari-Uma has branched out into the suburbs. We were at the family-friendly United Square when we chanced upon this Hiroshima ramen specialist.

In addition to expanding their shoyu-flavoured tonkotsu-centric ramens, their management style has become significantly more tight-fisted. They no longer allow for takeaways (because they "don't have any plastic boxes"), and they'd stressed that their 1 tall glass of green tea, charged at $1.50, was "non-refillable". I found that to be distasteful and misery. 

The Tori Shoyu ($12.90), laden with a couple of soy-stewed chicken pieces, and dunked in a rich soy-seasoned chicken soup base, was enlivened with a hunk of crisp seaweed and an extra Shoyu Egg ($2). This was robust, intensely flavoursome and full-bodied, but the massive portion got cloying halfway through.

For those who prefer their flavours delicate, opt for the Tori Yasai ($15.90), where the well-rounded chicken stock base was given a refreshing lift by a pile of crunchy beansprouts, julienned carrots and black fungus.

The side order of Corn ($2) proved useful in providing a clean, clear, crunchy relief from the sweetness of the soup base.

Ramen Bari-Uma
1 Thomson Road
B1-08 United Square
Tel: 6354 3711
Open daily from 11am to 9.30pm

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