Known for seamlessly fusing east-and-west flavours, Bacchanalia's food is inventive and harmonious. The tapas-portioned, artfully-plated food should have been an unwelcome assault on my finely-tuned pretentious sensor, but the warm amiable staff and relaxed congenial vibe of the gorgeous restaurant were the very antithesis of what should have been a stuffy, formal dinner affair.

As aforementioned, service was faultless, the lovely staff were attentive but unobtrusive. They'd taken care to eliminate all parsley/coriander/cilantro from all dishes, and explained every single dish in detail. I particularly liked that the chef made periodic appearances to personally elaborate on his creations.

Because parking is so limited, I'd suggest getting your car valeted; it's only $10, and it saves a lot of hassle (and time) going round in circles finding a viable, non-fine-able lot. 

A great way to sample Bacchanalia's signatures is to order either of the 2 the set meal options. Because there were 3 of us in the dinner party, we opted for the 7-Course Set ($190 which is sufficient to feed 2), and supplemented with a handful of dishes from the ala carte menu.

From the ala carte menu, the Mushroom Fantasia ($18), a medley of 4 mushroom variants: cordyceps, portobello, shimeiji and oyster, was cooked 4 ways, paired with a sweet corn veloute and mint for contrast.

A must-try, the Calamari Grenobloise ($34) of squid grilled to a smoky perfection, was married with chayote squash, capers, artichoke puree, sauce grenobloise, and hasselback potatoes. 

The Chicken & Cheese ($34) was about the moistest chicken breast ever. This was heaped with a bunch of fresh grassy herbs, mountain yam puree, tarragon-infused whey, and blanketed in melted cheese.

The first course off the 7-course set was a soup-like Cauliflower Gratin ($18 ala carte price), chunked up with deep fried breaded cauliflower florets, and layered with white truffle and cheese foam. Because I'd asked to hold off any parsley, mine was sans gremolata.

Coming up second was the Thai-inspired Rice & Coconut ($26 ala carte price), a sumptuous confluence of creamy coconut risotto, chilli paste, ginger strips and fermented coconut.

The refreshingly clear Hamachi Carambola ($28 ala carte price), of citrus-cured hamachi sashimi was dressed with pickled starfruit and garlic, and walnut praline.A most pleasantly palate-cleansing middle course.

The succulent grilled Norwegian Hand-Dived Scallops ($37 ala carte price) were set stop baked borlotti beans, kalix caviar, and dusted with cacao powder.

The Steak & Sauce Rossini ($38 ala carte price), medium-grilled 1 year grain-fed petit tender was drizzled with a luxurious red wine jus thickened by melted foie gras. Sauteed cauliflower mushrooms, kailan, and celeriac, rode alongside potato crisps.

The scrumptious melty Foie Gras Satay ($35 ala carte price), done sous vide, was balanced with a bright lemongrass & tamarind fluid jam, and topped with grated chestnuts and peanut satay sauce.

Rounding off the superb set was the White Chocolate & Cherry Tart ($17 ala carte price), filled with a white chocolate & almond ganache and cherry jam, while a tart morello cherry sorbet lent contrast.

23A Coleman Street
The Masonic Lodge
Tel: 6509 1453
Open Mondays to Thursdays from 12noon to 3pm for lunch; 6pm to 12midnight for dinner;
Fridays from 12noon to 3pm for lunch; 6pm to 2am for dinner;
Saturdays from 6pm to 2am for dinner;
Closed on Sundays
Website: www.bacchanalia.asia

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