Mid-Autumn Mooncakes, The China Club

The China Club has, by far, the most uniquely chinoiserie (read: cheena-fied) mooncake packaging. A towering oriental pagoda hides functional drawers; the box is pretty enough to be re-purposed to house your knick-knacks.

The traditional mooncakes, filled with white lotus paste, are moist and delicate, each encompassing a single salted yolk and freckled with melon seeds for a textural contrast.

For a more unique, but still very much Chinese-style festive treat, the Lotus Paste with Chicken Bak Kwa Mooncake, studded with a melange of nuts, is crunchy, moist and chewy.

The China Club
Website: www.chinaclub.com.sg


Oysterdiaries said...

omg that mooncake box is so COOL. I haven't been to China Club in ages!

Bern said...

even if it's not my style, i still think it's totally rad!

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