Gyoza Ya

I used to wonder how any restaurant could sell just gyozas and survive in a cutthroat F&B line. To me, gyozas were merely a side dish, and not the main attraction.  Until we chanced upon Gyoza Ya in the basement of The Heeren. We were shopping for some housewares at Robinsons when we chanced upon this gyoza-centric restaurant.

They had the most amazing gyozas I've ever had in my life. Gargantuan and bursting with juicy goodness, we loved them at first bite and actually went back again in the same week to dabao dinner!

We loved the service here, in particular this spritely young waiter who's a bundle of sunshiny joy to be around. For the first time in my life, I actually thought that he ought to be tipped!

The perennial classic, Yaki Gyoza Pork ($4.80) was a mouthful, measuring almost 2 inches long. A beautiful caramelised crisp edge, juxtaposed against the chewy sides, enveloped a wonderful textural pork mince laced with cabbage and chives.

A seasonal special, the Yaki Crab Gyoza ($7.80) was heightened by lashings of red crab meat. This was notably sweeter, but we preferred the pork rendition for its more "neutral" accents.

A must-try is the Jya Jya Men ($6.50), the Japanese take on the Shanghainese zhajiang mian. Thick flat hand-pulled noodles were topped with a plummy minced meat, pickled cucumber strips and chives. You drizzle as much vinegar and chilli oil you like, and toss the entire thing to even it all out. This was absolutely smashing. It was light, piquant and spicy, and danced on the tastebuds like the most dreamy ballet.

That's not all, apparently. So, you leave a few strands of noodles behind, and the staff will give you an egg to break into, and top it up with additional noodle boiling water, before you stir it all up into a sludge. It may not look like much, but oh was the egg slurry glorious.

The Nikujyaga ($4.80), a side dish of comforting beef stew was just as scrumptious. It was rich but mellow, and just incredibly wholesome and hearty.

Gyoza Ya
Robinsons Orchard #B1-02A
260 Orchard Road
Tel: 6737 5581
Open daily from 11.30am to 10pm

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