Keisuke Tokyo, Suntec

It'd been disappointing when Keisuke Tokyo closed down at Parco Millenia Walk because their signature crab stock ramen had been on my to-eat list since forever. So when they re-surfaced at the overhauled Suntec City Mall, I made sure a trip downtown was in order.

Compared to the other Keisuke outlets, this branch is more modern, with lots of pine paneling and Japanese minimalist tendencies. Here, tables are also spaced further apart than at the other cramped Keisuke outlets, so the ambience was noticeably less buzzy. But a lot more private. You're unlikely to find yourself in the middle of other patrons' conversations.

On another note, the dinner service was unusually slow for a Keisuke affiliate. Although the restaurant was barely at a 80% capacity, it was about 20 minutes after that our first bowl arrived. And where the complimentary beansprouts appetizer was usually served straight after the orders were taken, we had to specifically request them here, to quell our rumbling tummies.

Oh oh, by way of a PSA (read: public service announcement), Keisuke Tokyo is located on the second level at the convention centre end of Suntec. For those driving, park at the blue section of the enormous carpark. You're welcome.

For some reason, the Crab Stock Ramen with Egg ($15.90) was reminiscent of our local lor mee, in that the eggs noodles were flat and thick, and the consistency of the broth was thick and viscous. The soup base was bisque-like, intensely sweet and robust but its cloy leanings got a tad saccharine halfway through. For me, this was a one-time-and-done kitschy and unique take on the traditional ramen. 

The Niboshi Ramen with Egg ($15.90), also another Keisuke creation, was a dried fish based stock ramen. This was overwhelmingly umami, so even the crisp rawness of the onions couldn't shake off the pungent dried fish overtones. Clearly, this wasn't something I'd ever order again. To date, I think that their chicken leg ramen at Keisuke Tori King trumps all other Keisuke ramen.

Keisuke's also branded their twist on the classic coke, a Japanese Green Tea Cola ($3.80), a fizzy, refreshing, green tea-accented soda. This was instrumental in balancing out the rich stickiness of the ramen dishes.

We love Keisuke's complimentary Marinated Beansprouts, so crisp and clear and simply seasoned with sesame seeds and oil and salt. That said, we also noted that unlike the other Keisuke outlets, this doesn't serve complimentary hard boiled eggs either.

Keisuke Tokyo Ramen
Suntec City Mall #02-391
3 Temasek Boulevard
Tel: 6337 7919
Open daily from 11.30am to 10pm


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