Cat & the Fiddle

I'd heard so much about the online venture by the founder of Bakerzin, whimsically named Cat & the Fiddle, so when we were thinking of ordering a cake for a friend's birthday, I immediately thought of this cheesecake e-retailer!

Only cheesecakes are offered at Cat and the Fiddle, but its diversity is mind-boggling. From the locally-loved durian infusion to the PG-18 vodka mango cheesecake, there's a flavour catered to just about every whim and fancy.

We got the Paws of Fury ($26.64), a spin off the Hongkong classic yuan-yang drink of coffee and milk tea. I loved the graphic of the cats encircled in a yin-yang position.

Gorgeous swirls of heady coffee made for a marble-like facade.

The cake was just divine, rich but nuanced, moist and an exquisite balance of the tea and coffee infusions. For sure, I'll be ordering from them again.

Cat & the Fiddle
Website: www.catandthefiddle.com


yixiao said...

The creme brûlée topping looks positively inviting!

Oysterdiaries said...

Ah~ so this is where Tian Kee & Co get their yuan yang cheesecake from!

Bern said...

@yx: it was sooooo good!!

@oysterdiaries: they retail Cat & the Fiddle at that cafe too?? cool!!

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