Ikea Restaurant, Alexandra

I've realised that Ikea Restaurant is always packed. No matter the day or time of the week, school holiday or not, weekend or weekday, the expansive cafeteria always sports a long snaking queue of diners. It's understandable though; the food is relatively decent and the price points are affordably wallet-friendly.

For a Swedish restaurant, they do fairly commendable local fare, like the Chicken Curry ($4.50), succulent chunky meat dunked in a flavourful and punchy gravy.

The Poached Salmon ($7.90), while less than sparkling fresh, was moist and flaky, highlighted by the dill-accented cream sauce draped all over. The stuffing, while veering on dry, was mottled with herby aromas.

The Chicken Wings ($5.60 for 4), an Ikea staple, was fantastic, if a little skinny. Well marinated and flavoursome to the bone, the skin had a beautiful crisp.

The pork-and-beef-based Swedish Meatballs ($9.50 for 20) were nicely textured and juicy, complemented by ligonberry compote and brown jus.

For dessert, the Butterscotch Cookie ($1), so massive that we shared it amongst the 4 of us, was delightfully chewy and sticky and moist.

Ikea Restaurant
317 Alexandra Road
2 Floor Ikea Alexandra
Tel: 6378 1604
Open daily from 8am to 10pm


Cindy Khor said...

I love Ikea's food, and that's kind of a problem. Wouldn't expect one to love food from a furniture shop's "food court" now, would we?

But nevertheless, their wings, curry chicken, smoked salmon and their cakes are my absolute lovez... Just hate the crowd during dinner time though (especially school holidays)

Bern said...

oh yes, we've been so turned off by their long queues that we've aborted dinner plans before!

andmorefood said...

I love the poached salmon at ikea.

speaking of wings, bernie, have you tried two wings in our area? I've heard fantastic things about it!

Bern said...

@sonya: heard of but haven't tried!! u??

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