Osaka Ohsho

After those fantastic gyozas from Gyoza Ya, we went on a little gyoza binge of sorts. I'd also heard about another gyoza specialist, the Osaka import Osaka Ohsho. The open-concept dining space in the basement food street of Raffles City Shopping Centre was teeming with diners when we arrived for dinner but turnover was high and we didn't wait very long before we were seated. Ordering is streamlined by a self-serviced iPad-based menu system, but we would have liked to be automatically served some iced water instead of having to badger the waitress repeatedly.

The Gyoza ($7.80 for 12 pcs) was decent but it was a little heavy on the chives and a smidge light on the pork. Naturally, the stellar ones at Gyoza Ya trumped these hands down. Also, this seemed a tad production-lined, in that it arrived barely 5 minutes after our orders were keyed in, with them all still stuck together.

BUT, the bright shining star of Osaka Ohsho was the Fuwatoro Chicken Tenshin Han ($10.90), a seemingly innocuous mound of the fluffiest scrambled egg ever clouded over pearly grains of rice and diced chicken bits. This went swimmingly well with the pool of delicate brown sauce. For this alone, I would return.

The lackluster Pork with Green Pepper ($9.90) was laced with waaay too much ginger, and waaaay too little pork. This left me feeling a little shortchanged on the lack of pork.

Osaka Ohsho
Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-75
252 North Bridge Road
Tel: 6338 5584
Open daily from 11.30am to 9.30pm
Website: www.osakaohsho.com.sg


rubbish eat rubbish grow said...

i hate gyoza that stick together!

Bern said...

it's just too fast food-like to be "Osaka's best", isn't it?

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