Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre

I was initially drawn here by the much-publised coverage of 2 university graduates giving up their lucrative cushy careers to slog it out in the heat of a hawker centre. Curious as to why anyone would do that, we headed out one blazing afternoon to the sleepy estate of Telok Blangah to check 'em out. 

Seeing as there were already 2 other established Hainanese curry rice stalls ensconced in the same hawker centre, we ordered from the other (1 of them was closed) to see how they'd stack up against the other.

Truly Curry Rice

Their unique story has evidently drawn a lot of attention, and consequently drummed up business. There was a long queue of hungry diners here, and we noted that the queue here was longer than at the more established Hainanese Scissors Curry Rice.

The Pork Chop ($1.50) was fresh out the fryer, so it was crispier, but I particularly liked that this was meatier; the juicy Braised Pork Ball ($1.50) has a lovely rough-hewn texture and a mellow seasoning;  the Chicken Curry ($1.50) was a tad tough, but moist; and the Braised Cabbage ($1) was sweet and soft. These were piled atop Steamed Rice ($0.50) slathered with a thick and rich curry gravy.

We supplemented with a couple of Fried Eggs ($0.50 per pc), which turned out pleasantly well done, despite looking overdone.

The stall facade for reference.

Hainanese Scissors Curry Rice

This had a shorter queue but they somehow sold out earlier. Maybe the queue moves faster here, or maybe they start out with less food, or maybe they open for business earlier, I'm not sure. What I was sure about was its cheaper price points, but I still thought that the offerings at Truly Curry Rice were a smidge better.

The Pork Chop ($1.50) was more batter than meat, so it was less juicy; the Beansprouts ($0.70) had a comforting homecooked style; while the Stir-Fried Hairy Gourd ($0.70) was mushy and umami with dried shrimp, laden atop Rice ($0.50) and doused with 2 types of gravies, one soy-based brown sauce, and the other a creamy curry for a salty and sweetish finish. 

The Pork Ball ($1.50), plump and juicy, was unfortunately cloying with a rich marinade.

The Sauteed Long Beans ($0.70) was satisfyingly crunchy, studded with pork mince and flavoured with soy.

The stall facade for reference.


So, after having had both curry rice here, I'd venture that they were both good, with Truly Curry Rice coming out slightly ahead of Hainanese Scissors Curry Rice. That said, I couldn't find a reason to dine here unless I was already in the area and looking for something to eat.

Truly Curry Rice
#01-29 Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre
79 Telok Blangah Drive
Open weekdays from 10.45am to 1pm; weekends from 10am to 1pm

Hainanese Scissors Curry Rice
#01-03 Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre
79 Telok Blangah Drive

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yixiao said...

Ooo Truly Curry Rice is definitely on my to-try list now.

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