Keith Crackling Roast, Pasarbella

I've finally hit up Pasarbella. Yes, I may have been really late at the ball, but what better way to make an entrance, than to enter when the hype has died down. Touted as Singapore's first farmer's market, I discovered a distinctly artificial and sterile version of London's Covent Garden or Melbourne's Queen Victoria Market. Apparently, my sentiment is one lamented by many a patron of Pasarbella. I don't think it's entirely negative; it's just what it is - Singapore, where everything is man-made and few things are left to develop organically. Heck, even our gardens are entirely man-made on reclaimed land! After all's complained said and done, it's just best to roll with the inevitable and accept our little island country as is.

The food found at Pasarbella may not be as wallet-friendly as the farmers' markets in California, considering that it looks like an upmarket themed food court of sorts, but there are a number of worthwhile offerings here, like Keith's Crackling Roast. A girlfriend of mine swears by their pork crackling.

By the look of it, Keith's roasts appear no different from the standard hawker centre char siew and siew yoke. But the difference lies in the marination, seasoning and foundation meats. Here at Keith Crackling Roast, the pork is leaner, the marinades are unmistakeably western-style, with sides and dips distinctively western too.

The Crackling Roast Pork ($8 for regular) truly crackles when you bite into it. Wait, it's more like a thunderous crack. Really. The crunchy skin was contrasted with the tender meat, punctuated by slivers of fat. This was flavoursome on its own, but in case you like yours with lots of condiments, there's homemade apple sauce, mustard and a fiery pounded chilli for kick.

The Honey Barbecue Pork ($8 for regular) balanced the smoky char and honeyed sweetness nicely, and was just melting moist. Fragrant Roasted Herbed Potatoes ($3), glazed with a beautiful charring, sided this for a more substantive bite.

Keith Crackling Roast
200 Turf Club Road
The Grandstand
Pasarbella #02-K37
Tel: 9119 5994
Open Mondays to Thursdays from 11am to 7.30pm
Fridays from 11am to 8pm
Saturdays and Sundays from 10.30am to 7.30pm

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FoodieFC said...

The Crackling Roast Pork is delicious! Worth the calories!

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