Chocolate Origin, 313 Somerset

A couple friend of ours bought this over for dessert one dinner, and I have to thank them for changing our lives forever. I'd never heard of them until now, and apparently, they've gotten so popular that they now have 5 outlets scattered all over the island!

Naturally, Chocolate Origin specialises in chocolate cakes. Offering just 3 varieties of chocolate cakes (the original, bitter and lava) Chocolate Origin's selection is decidedly limited. But, I think, if you do something awesomely, you might as well focus on that alone. It's like our hawkers, isn't it, those whose entire business model is based on just 1 dish and nothing else because they're just so darned good at it?

The Original ($29 for 6"), a confection of luscious semi-sweet chocolate ganache layered between pillowy chocolate sponges and glazed with a chocolate sheen. The cake managed a mousse-like airiness that complemented the nuanced nature of the chocolate. Excellent mastery of the sweetness and texture.

Chocolate Origin
313 Orchard Road
313 Somerset #B3-10A
Tel: 6884 4019
Open daily from 10am to 9.30pm
Website: www.chocolate-origin.com

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