Fatboys The Burger Bar, Far East Plaza

The Burger Bar is a scaled-down version of the Fatboys' chain of burger bars strewn across the island. A hole-in-the-wall of teeny bopper hangout Far East Plaza, this tiny diner is manned by a satellite crew. It's entirely self-serviced (you place your orders through the ipads and make payment at the cashiers), and clearing up after oneself is de rigueur.

The menu here is, likewise, downsized, so expect a decidedly limited choice of burgers, sides, and canned and bottled drinks. At least they've retained their build-your-own-burger (aka '"BYOB") option, I'm a big fan of customisation. 

The Beef Cheeseburger ($7.50) laden with Bacon ($2), Fried Egg ($1.50), Caramelised Onions ($1), with standard toppings such as tomato, cheese (monterey, in this instance) and gilded with a premium Smoked Chipotle Sauce ($0.50), wedged between pillowy sesame seed buns, was a sinfully delicious greasebomb. Really awesomesauce, but best eaten piping hot when the oil hasn't soaked through and wilted everything out.

The Beef Cheeseburger laden with Fried Egg ($1.50), whole grilled Portobello ($3.50), Caramelised Onions ($1), melted cheddar and slathered with a Roasted Garlic Aioli ($0.50) and clamped between a wholemeal bun for a minutely healthier option. Shouldn't have heeded the damn health advisories, coz the wholemeal bun option ruined the entire concept of a cheeseburger. Go big or go home, eh?

The Chicken Cheeseburger ($7.50) comprised a succulent chicken fillet grilled to a perfect smoky hue, brushed with a premium Smoked Chipotle Sauce ($0.50) and layered with Bacon ($2), Honey Baked Ham ($2) alongside standard garnishes such as shredded lettuce, tomato slice, cheese (cheddar) sandwiched by fluffy sesame seed-studded buns. Excellent stuff. 

The Burger Bar, a Fatboy's Concept
Far East Plaza #01-16A/B
14 Scotts Road
Tel: 6737 3315
Open daily from 11.30am to 10pm

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