Cheaperbythedozens is a little start-up side business of an enterprising 17-year old. She lives in the neighbourhood, and a friend gifted me a box of her yummy confectionery. This girl will definitely make a worthy junior masterchef contender!

Now, let me try to remember what I was doing when I was 17...I think my first attempt at baking cookies turned into brownies because I couldn't convert the metric system to the American one and my cookie batter melted into one big brownie puddle in the oven!

These strawberry hearts ($20 for a small box) may not look ultra exquisite, but are big on flavour. Each layer, the strawberry-spiked jelly screen, smooth cheesecake middle, and biscuit-crumbed bottom harmonizes beautifully into a wonderfully balanced creation.

Tel: 8444 9522
Instagram: cheaperbythedozens


FoodieFC said...

I was still playing dota and counterstrike when I was that age

Bern said...

hahahaa, my brothers were crazy abt those games!

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