Ikea Restaurant, Alexandra

Ikea is one of those places you only frequent when you're fitting out your home. While their furniture isn't great, their home accessories are one of the cheapest around. I've lost count of the number of times we've gone to Ikea these past few months. I actually think that I could probably navigate through the extensive warehouse on my own. Blindfolded.

The upside of having to worm our way through hordes of window shoppers, and the horrendous snaking lines at the checkout, delivery and return counters (oh yes, we do so much impulse buying that we end up having to return a crapload of stuff when we realize we can't fit it in our home!), is the food at the Ikea Restaurant. Thing is, it's a bit of a hit-and-miss affair. While their fried chicken wings and meatballs will always stay on the must-try list of staples, the rest of their revolving menu is quite like playing russian roulette. Western fare ended up being underwhelmingly mediocre, but local stuff like curry chicken and curry puffs shone outstandingly. 

The Baked Chicken Leg ($4) reeked of its frozen origins, which is a non-starter, in my book. The only edible thing was the uninspiring thick cut fries dipped liberally in the unimpressive gloppy mushroom gravy.

Worse still were the dry and tough Roasted Pork Ribs ($9.90), which needed teeth of steel to gnaw on. At least the chicken leg was dirt-cheap so you don't feel bad writing it off.

The Swedish Meatballs ($5.50 for 15 pcs) were juicy and yummy, but it's evident its standards have definitely dropped over the years. It's the beef-and-pork ratio and the seasoning, it just doesn't quite pack a punch anymore.

The Curry Puffs ($4 for 5pcs) were a big surprise. These delicately spiced, meatless, potato-based puffs were incredibly moist, with a quartered hard-boiled egg thrown in for good measure.

Ikea Restaurant
317 Alexandra Road
2 Floor Ikea Alexandra
Tel: 6378 1604
Open daily from 8am to 10pm


the milky bar kid said...

im surprised u did not tapao wings

Bern said...

oh, erm, this is embarrassing. we actually did. but like the gluttons we are, we gobbled them right up and didn't get a pic before devouring them like cookie monster. heh.

andmorefood said...

is it weird that I actually like the slightly dried out over-cooked salmon fillet and overcooked peas?

Bern said...

YES. YES you r...hahahaa!! doesnt the salmon taste a bit chao seng???

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