Rocks Urban Grill & Bar

To celebrate Beeps' birthday and commemorate her silver anniversary of working for CC, we brought her out for lunch at Rocks Urban Grill & Bar at The Sail. The floodlit restaurant is a regular favourite of the CBD crowd, making reservations a necessity, not an option. I can't quite understand its popularity though. While the executive Set Lunch, priced at $41++, was sufficiently substantial, there was not one real hit, resulting in a forgettably average meal. The very pedestrian fare reminded me of those places churning out those pre-prepared-and-refridgerated-then-microwaved-upon-order food. The first courses arriving suspiciously fast, barely 2 minutes after our orders had been taken, buttressed the supposition.  

The Beetroot, Radish and Orange Salad with balsamic dressing was boring but it was light and balanced the fruity, sour, bitter of the various components well. I would have chosen this for the bitter arugula but too bad I ain't no fan of beetroot.

The Mesclun Salad with Prawns, similarly dressed in balsamic vinaigrette, would have fared better if not for the ice-cold prawns, halved right down the middle to give off a more generous appearance. Not the most pleasant of jolts to awaken the palate.

The Cauliflower Soup, littered with buttered herb croutons, was smooth but a little cloying.

The Vegetarian Fusilli with capers, black olives and tomato sauce, while uninspiring, was at least al dente.

The Pan-Seared Seabass Fillet was moist enough, but the skin was woefully soft and mushy instead of paper crisp. The roasted peppers were good but should have been piping hot instead of the room temperature it'd arrived at on my plate. Also, beware of bones in the fish, I'd found 2 tiny ones in my fillet.

We all chosen the same dessert, a Chocolate Sherbet with strawberries and basil jelly. The chocolate was semi-sweet, so it was nice, but I really do prefer my sherbets citrusy.

We also were tempted by the Truffle Mashed Potatoes ($10) but this was barely dusted in truffle air. Although I liked the occasional teeny lumps in the mash blend (I know this means the mash is badly done, but I just so happen to like lumps in my mash), I still didn't think its $10 pricetag was justified.

The complimentary bread rolls that were left sitting out on every table, which I didn't touch. At the very least, they aren't warm, or particularly fresh or hygienic. 

Rocks Urban Grill & Bar
#02-01 The Sail @ Marina Bay
2 Marina Boulevard
Tel: 6438 4404
Open Mondays to Fridays from 11.30am to 11.30pm
Closed on weekends for private functions
Website: www.rocks.com.sg


andmorefood said...

as you can see, I'm flying through your posts.

also, this place looks really boring. you could be in any restaurant and eat that sort of food! it's so generic "european dining".

Bern said...

hahahaa! too funny.

yeah, i really couldn't understand why this place was so crowded despite the mediocre food.

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