Diandin Leluk Catering

As a foodie, I'm really particular about serving up great food when I throw a house party. Afterall, food makes up one-half of the equation for a great party. And that's why, when it comes to catering food for my parties, I've always believed in catering from restaurants that serve up amazing food. If the restaurant already serves up awesome fare, their catering arm can't do too badly either. And usually, these caterers are the ones with more hits than misses.

Together with Chilli Api Catering (backed up by the ever-reliable Chilli Padi Nonya Restaurant), Diandin Leluk is one other catering restaurant that remains one of the best catering establishments on the island. Its restaurant branch at Golden Mile Complex, the Thai foreigner hangout of choice, is one of the most popular eateries there. Their brand of cheap, authentic, homestyled Thai cuisine is what draws their regulars back repeatedly, and makes them one of the best caterers around.  Our menu, with 8 dishes including dessert, cost an unbelievably cheap $12++ per head. A note though, that drinks will cost extra at $1++ per head. 

The Olive Fried Rice was pretty damn good. Imbued with salty, aromatic olives and littered with pork mince and chilli padi, the purple hued rice was bold, flavoursome and moist.

The Sliced Fish in Thai Chilli Sauce was another hit as well for its tongue-numbingly spicy sweetish chilli sauce coating the fish fillets, despite their less than crispy battered exterior.

Another must-order is the Minced Pork with Basil Leaf and Chilli, a deceptively fiery dish that's enlivened with diced green beans for crunch.

The Green Curry Chicken was also amazing. Rich and creamy without being cloying, the pandan-spiked curry was extra scrumptious when married with the rice.

The Deep Fried Thai Prawn Cake was fresh and possessed a delectably bouncy texture, but a tad boring when compared to the rest of the sparkling dishes. Until paired with its chilli padi spiked fish sauce dip. The spicy dipping sauce upped the tasty factor of this.

The Sauteed Chicken with Cashew Nuts could have kicked up the spice level a notch with a more liberal use of dried chillis. We loved the cashews and the peppery accent of the capsicums though. 

The lovely garlicky Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Oyster Sauce had a nice varied texture and delicate soy and oyster seasoning, even if it was a smidge uninspired.

For dessert, the Red Ruby was refreshingly delicious. Great crunch from the water chestnuts, and the separation of coconut milk gave us control over the richness of the dessert. People went back for seconds and thirds of this.

Diandin Leluk Catering


andmorefood said...

bernie, it all looks so good! I would have finished all the vegetables for you..

do we get photos of the new house :p

Bern said...

oh darn, u shd have come over and helped me finish up the food.

PM me and we can set up a dinner date at my place, u can see it in person!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernice, did Diandin Leluk provide tables for you? and did they provide tea candles below to warm the food? tks! am throwing a party too =)


Bern said...

Hi Jeannie, yup, there were tables provided, and yes, tea candles too. Not the most awe-inspiring decor but the food more than made up for it.

Have fun at your party, and let me know your thoughts on their food!

Anonymous said...

Hi, can I check with you how's the portion of food supplied by Diandin Leluk? I'm planning a party & was wondering how much to order for 40 adults & 17 children. Don't want to end up wasting too much food.

Bern said...

The portions are standard, but in a buffet, I usually use this formula to order: (40 adults less 5 pax) + (17 children divided by 2) = about 43-44 pax

Hope this helps...let me know how it turns out! :)

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