Fluff Bakery

I just found out that yet another friend of mine has gone into the F&B business. Ash and his wife are the proud parents of Fluff Bakery, a baby confectionery selling cupcakes that, well, sell like hotcakes! Apparently, the 3-week old place sells out their 850-odd cupcakes within 2-3 hours each day. It's madness, really. An insider tip is to hit this place from 12noon when it opens to 12.30pm, when queues are, currently, a very bearable no-more-than-15-minute wait. But if you're a late riser, be prepared to patiently stand in line with a good movie on your smartphone. And, if you're selective about your cupcakes, the popular flavours may have sold out by the time it gets round to your turn. One last tip: other than their bestselling nutella red velvet and salted caramel, the remaining 4 cupcake flavours rotate around a stable of about 100 varietals each week, so be sure to check out what's available each week before going down.

The cosy little confectionery previously retailed their wares at, amongst other places, Penny University, and because they'd gotten so popular (the magic of Instagram is what got them so massively beloved), they decided to jump all in to making their dream a reality and setting up their own place. The Jalan Pisang locale is fortuitous, as their halal cupcakes fit right into the Malay-centric Kampong Glam area.

Having tried their much-hyped about cupcakes, I can totally understand the rave reviews. I'd even venture that these are seriously the best cupcakes I've ever tried. Fluff Bakery is like the Goldilocks of cupcakes, not too sweet or rich, but just perfect. They are insanely good, fluffy and moist while hiding a secret surprise jam/custard/cream inside each core. Basically, Fluff combines the piped-in cores of ET Artisan with the moistness of Twelve Cupcakes. And despite their slightly-above-average pricepoints, the $4-a-cupcake pricetag is totally worth it.

I've mentioned before that I don't quite understand the love affair with the quintessentially American red velvet, but Fluff's rendition is a mind (and game) changer. Their Nutella Red Velvet ($4) is AWESOME, because they'd piped in Nutella into its center. The combination totally rocks, and complements the slight hints of chocolate accents in red velvet.

Their other evergreen flavour, the Salted Caramel ($4) is also one of my faves, and this walks the fine line between the sweet and cloying without ever tipping over.

The Apple Pie Salted Caramel Popcorn ($4) is a bling-ed out version of the salted caramel, with crunchy caramelcorn topping and a Fall-inspired apple pie filling.

The Apple Yakult Lemon ($4), an innovatively whimsical combination, manages a bright and light taste that's so incredibly cheery.

Did any of you eat Milo powder out of the tin? Coz I did! The people behind Fluff Bakery got the idea because they did just that, resulting in the Milo ($4), a nuanced and very addictive cupcake with overtones of the chocolatey energy drink. 

Perhaps the most polarizing of the lot was the Pandan Kaya Cheese ($4), which I would have loved, but for the cheddar cheese strips. I just didn't like the combination. Ash said that this is one of his bestsellers though, so it's probably a matter of preference. That said, I loved the kaya core, and fragrant pandan cupcake, and whipped cream topping.

Fluff Bakery
12 Jln Pisang
Open Wednesdays to Sundays from 12noon till when it sells out around 3pm, even if its official closing time is 6pm


GNineThree said...

The cupcakes look so gooooood!! Especially that Apple Pie Salted Caramel Popcorn one :D OMG must try it soon!!


Anonymous said...

the popcorn and pandan cheese flavors look interesting! I've been craving for cupcakes lately, but aiya, trying to eat clean and cupcakes are out of bounds. Maybe on my cheat day!

Bern said...

@GNineThree: hey char, just a quick head's up; the apple pie salted caramel popcorn one isn't available everyday so u may wanna check out their fb or instagram acct before gg down. it's SOOOOO good though!

@rubbisheatrubbishgrow: aiyah this is considered clean lah, seeing as they dont use any preservatives, buttercream or shortcuts. everything here is painstakingly done by hand and only super fresh stuff r used. #liesitellmyself

Anonymous said...

Oh my! All their cupcakes are so yummy! If only the price is slightly lower. My sis got her baby shower cupcakes from Les Cupcakes. Equally good especially their red velvet cupcakes. Apparently, this chinese muslim baker said her recipe is frm her baker girlfren in colorado.

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