Hansang Korean Family Restaurant

We were recently in Little Korea at Novena Square 2 to pick up a couple of jars of kimchi for the Hubs. As much as I dislike kimchi and its related dishes, the Hubs loves it, especially the heart-warming Korean staple of kimchi jjigae. So, I decided to christian our new kitchen by trying my hand with my take on his beloved kimchi stew. While we were there, the Hubs took the opportunity to get his monthly fix of Korean cuisine at Hansang Korean Family Restaurant. It isn't the best, or the most authentic of Korean fare, but its casual, low-frills, rustic style tides him over until our annual "pilgrimage" to the "motherland".

The Bibimbap ($15) here is surprisingly decent. The vegetables are refreshingly sweet, crisp and evenly julienned. The accompanying grilled pork slices marinated in sweet bulgogi, braised mushrooms, and a generous dollop of gochujang impart just enough flavour without overwhelming the delicate sweetness of the greens. 

The Kimchi, while spicy, lacked a depth in authenticity. Suffice to say, the Hubs didn't finish this.

The Chilled Squid and Broccoli slathered with chilli pepper paste was surprisingly good. The squid was cooked perfectly, soft and chewy, contrasting well with the toothsome crunch of the broccoli florets.

The Fishcake, while springy, had a slight fishy accent. We didn't finish this either.

The Soy Hard Boiled Eggs, served chilled and doused in a light soy and topped off with sliced chilli, was another good banchan.

The Beansprouts didn't fare well either, it didn't have that clear flavour of squeaky clean spring water.

The Fried Eggplant wasn't too bad also, with a good crunch, soft squishy insides, and tasty smoky overtones.

Hansang Korean Family Restaurant
10 Sinaran Drive
#03-33 Novena Square 2
Tel: 6397 6752
Open Mondays to Fridays from 11.30am to 3pm, 5.30pm to 10pm;
Saturdays and Sundays from 11.30am to 10pm

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