The Lookout

We met up with the little brother, who'd just returned from Summer school in Seoul, for dinner to hear about his East Asian exploits. As he was still a little worn out from his travels, we went nearby to the club. It may not be the first place we think of whenever we're hungry, but there are the occasional stellar dishes that make us return for more. Plus, we needed to spend the dining levy for this quarter.

Like the Chinese-style Chicken Satay Club ($6.30 for half dozen). The juicy meaty skewers of chicken were well-marinated and thoroughly flavourful. One of the best renditions of this local classic.

The Kueh Pie Tee ($6) couldn't quite beat the Flavours at Zhongshan Park's version, but these pastry shells filled with turnip topped with prawns, mushrooms and diced hard-boiled eggs were more than decent. These were dripping with juices, sweet and tasty.

The kiddo opted for the Nasi Lemak ($7.80), something that he was apparently sorely missing in Seoul. Tender chicken rendang, a slab of otak, a sunny-side up egg, fried ikan bilis and peanuts were centered around a mound of fragrant coconut-flavoured rice and sambal chilli. Alright but a little forgettable.

The Hubs and me shared a Hokkien Mee ($7.20), noodles simmered in prawn stock, fried with prawns, squid, eggs, pork belly, beansprouts and chives. This had good flavour, but I would have preferred the stock to be fully absorbed into the noodles, instead of slurping it up like a soup. Small cubes of sinful fried pork lard were very appreciated in adding flavour.

A seasonal dish, the Warm Scallops ($17.90) with mango salsa and mesclun leaves was more like a salad than a main dish for its pitifully kid-sized portion. There were about 2 scallops in this, sliced into 6 thin pieces for a deceptively generous appearance. Small portion aside, the scallops were well cooked. Plump and juicy and perfectly salted. 

The Lookout
Singapore Island Country Club
180 Island Club Road
Open daily from 6.30am to 10pm


FoodieFC said...

wa the plate of Hokkien Mee looks very big! Lots of ingredients! I thought it looks too brown though. But well appearance can be deceiving

Bern said...

yeah it was a really big portion man, the hubby and i had to share it. not great but passable, esp in view of the reasonable price

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