Coffee & Toast, Tripleone Somerset

We'd made a pitstop at Coffee & Toast for a tea-break after making an application for utilities for our home. *Quick aside: There really is a million and one things to do when setting up home, and the list of to-dos seems never ending! I can't wait till the end of October when everything's all done and we're all settled in. End of aside*

The smells of toasted white bread and freshly brewed kopi wafting out of the open-air cafĂ© were quite simply, irresistible. Coffee & Toast, like Killiney Kopitiam and Toastbox, primarily sells the classic breakfast trio of eggs, coffee and toast, with a decidedly limited range of local favourites such as laksa, mee siam and curry chicken.

We opted for the Curry Chicken ($4.80), which turned out more like a curried chicken soup, with its thin gravy (gravy is an overstatement because it was so watery) and mild spiciness. This would have been better marketed as a curried chicken soup so as to manage expectations. Also, the portion was quite puny. I could have inhaled this in 2 mouthfuls. That said, the chicken was fork-tender and potatoes well cooked.

The Laksa ($4) barely passed muster with its uninspiring and watered down gravy. It smelled a lot better than it tasted. At least the fishcakes were fresh and hard-boiled egg wasn't overcooked.

Coffee & Toast
#01-01A Tripleone Somerset
Open weekdays from 6.30am to 7pm
Website: www.coffeeandtoast.com.sg

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