Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

We'd previously gotten a friend's birthday cake here and it was AWESOME. We've tried returning a couple of times to try their desserts, but the space-constrained café was always an overflowing full-house. This time, we were lucky in that an alfresco table had just opened up as we swung by, in the off-chance that we'd score a table for after-dinner sweets. 

Laurent Bernard is more than a fine craftsman of chocolates. They serve up a pretty extensive range of desserts too, from their much touted souffles to a bunch of exquisite looking cakes and confectionery. I suppose this is one of the reasons why it's always a full-house. Its picturesque locale is another reason why the turnover is low: people like to linger and chill out over drinks and sweets.  

At the waiter's recommendation, we ordered the house specialty, the Grand Marnier Souffle ($15). He was right, the souffle was one of the best I've had. Light as air, with a super thin, crisp baked outer layer for a contrast in textures. A jar of warm vanilla sauce was on hand to lend flavour, but really, the souffle would have been sensational on its own.  Adding kitsch was the plastic syringe of Grand Marnier stuck into the soufflé for you to dispense the alcohol at your whim. For alcoholics, it can be dispensed straight into your mouth instead.

A classic, the Guanaja Chocolate Souffle ($18) was even better, rich but nuanced in its sweetness so the chocolate never gets cloying.

The Warm Chocolate Cake ($12), another highly recommended and popular hit, was nuanced and balanced. This was sweet without being overtly so, with a berry compote and a caramelized orange slice providing a tangy tartness and vanilla ice-cream and crème fraiche lending creaminess.

For ice-cream lovers, the sundaes are a real treat. The Coupe-Chocolate Chocolate ($15), comprising caramel, hazelnut and dark chocolate ice-cream, and speckled with chocolate pearls, cookies and chocolate truffles, with chocolate syrup, was decadently delicious.

The Ice-Cream ($5.60 for 1 scoop, and $8.50 for 2) was pretty decent as well, and I particularly liked the raspberry sorbet, pistachio, and chocolate.

The Iced Latte ($7.50) was a little weak but did the job of reviving us from a sugar coma.

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier
#01-11 The Pier at Robertson Quay
80 Mohammed Sultan Road
Tel: 6235 9007
Open Mondays from 6pm to 11pm
Tuesdays to Thursdays from 1pm to 12midnight
Fridays & Saturdays from 1pm to 1am
Sundays from 1pm to 11pm


FoodieFC said...

plastic syringe?! Wow, this is interesting!!!

Reading your post, its so highly recommended.. What a waste I do not have a car.. else I will drive down! There's just too many food to explore in SG! I wonder when will the day any food blogger can document all the food!

Bern said...

yeah every table had a souffle! funny thing was, the hubby preferred the choc lava cake to the souffle. he said it was like eating sugared air...no kick. hahahaa!

andmorefood said...

I'm going to visit for the souffle! I've been wondering for the longest time if this place was worth coming to.

Bern said...

yeah it was really quite good. And I don't usually like soufflé, so that's saying something. try to hit up this place during off-peak hours though, and on a cooling day. This place really needs one of those air-mister fan thingys. it got quite muggy after a while.

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