Economic Bee Hoon, Redhill Market

Some time back, after I'd written about Eng Kee, a friend told me that I'd gone to the "wrong" Eng Kee. Apparently, the original owner of Eng Kee had sold off the moniker and set up shop at Redhill Market. Clearly, not many are aware of this. Because the Commonwealth Eng Kee maintains a substantial number of long-time customers.

This one at Redhill Market, helmed by the original chef, also hawks the same stuff: economic noodles with an array of standard side dishes, and most importantly, their famous fried chicken wings. Evidently, the crowds have stumbled upon this as well. The stall, with a nondescript signboard, is easily distinguished by the long snaking queue of diners.   

While the Noodles ($0.60 for a half-and-half of rice vermicelli and egg noodles) aren't as good as the one at Commonwealth, the Fried Egg ($0.50) was surprisingly well done. It was cooked perfectly, with a softly semi-runny yolk and fluffy whites. And, what the noodles lacked in oomph and flavour was easily cured with several lashings of that kickass chilli sauce.

You cannot walk away from here without trying the Fried Chicken Wings ($1.20). Afterall, they're what made Eng Kee famous in the first place. The five-spice-centric marinade had completely steeped into the meat, making for a totally scrumptious nibbler. The skin was delightfully crisp while the insides were dripping with juices. You'll be licking your fingers clean off, I swear. We saw the people in front of us takeaway dozens of these and so, followed suit and tookaway 10 of these as TV snackers. We both thought this was half a notch better than Eng Kee's version.

The stall facade for reference. If you look closely, you'll see that the signboard is similar in design to Eng Kee at Commonwealth. Where the Commonwealth Eng Kee has retained its name, this one doesn't even have a name at all.

Redhill Market #01-19
Blk 85 Redhill Lane
Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 3pm to 10pm


FoodieFC said...

going to start your bee hoon spree again? haha

Bern said...

what do u mean "start"?! we never stopped! hahahahaa!!!

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