Hatched, Holland Village

Hatched, an all-day brunch place that specializes in eggs, is one of the eateries I wanted to make sure we tried before we moved out of this area. We'd previously taken away from their original outlet at Evans Road, and the eggs there weren't half bad, so I was curious to see how its second outlet here at Holland Village would do.

The good thing about Hatched is how much cheaper it is compared to our all-time favourite Wild Honey, with most dishes costing in the range of $15. And, despite the difference in price points, the quality of the stuff here isn't too far off. In fact, the breakfast eggs here are pretty decent, and what's more, the portions are pleasantly hearty too.

As with every other brunch place, the 2-storey cafe can get overflowingly crowded and the ambience consequently boisterous. I was there at about 2pm on a weekend so the brunch crowd was just filtering out. At such an "off-peak" timing, the cheery sunny spot (we were on the sunlit second floor) was relaxed and quiet, and there wasn't a need for reservations. 

The Usual Suspects ($16), 2 eggs done any style (which I got scrambled), a choice of bacon, ham or sausage (of which I opted for bacon), baked beans (generic canned stuff), sauteed potatoes (skins-on and surprisingly good), toast and coffee or tea (they've got a range of premium teas here, and not just those generic lipton teabag sorts, so I got the peppermint one..super zesty!). The eggs were nicely cooked, fluffy and moist, if a little undersalted. Nothing a good sprinkle of salt didn't solve.

The Veggie-Good Shrooms Overload ($16) is a juicy portobello stacked atop grilled eggplant, tomatoes, a sunny-side up egg, welded together with melted cheese and wedged between fluffy buttery burger buns. Great for vegetarians or people on diets without compromising on flavour. 

267 Holland Ave
Tel: 6463 0012
Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 9am to 11pm
Website: www.hatched.sg


Anonymous said...

I went to hatched at evans road and found its offerings quite sad. looks like this branch might be better!

Bern said...

i actually thot this brunch was better than when we dabao-ed frm the evans rd one. heard hatched can be a bit inconsistent so that may account for your evans rd experience.

Anonymous said...

worst poached eggs ever. Coming from a place that supposedly to specialize in eggs.

Bern said...

sorry to hear that man! our scrambled and sunny side up eggs that afternoon were pretty alright, as u can well see from the photos. they do seem quite inconsistent with their food. my take is to stick with wild honey. a little pricey but u can expect great eggs all the time! :)

Anonymous said...

The Shrooms Overload looks a little too tasty to be diet food, I suspect ;)

Bern said...

erm, i'm one of those delusional persons who thinks anything that's veggie-based is considered diet food. heh. also, anything that's in liquid form doesn't count as calories. ;p

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