Necessary Provisions

Before you judge, let me just say one thing in my defence. Going to Necessary Provisions wasn't a choice of mine, but a coffee-loving friend's. Kang, still on his quest to hit up every last coffee joint, brought us here to try it out.

Nestled deep in the Toh Tuck residential estate, off Upper Bukit Timah Road, Necessary Provisions is another one of those hipster places, replete with kitschy vintage design sensibilities. From their stylish but totally uncomfortable statement stools, nonfunctional teeny tiny dining tables (i have no freaking idea how the other customers ate on them!), to the massive white elephant of an antique coffee machine that took up much-needed floor space in the very space-constrained place, this place was so "hip" it hurt. Badly.

Despite the lingering pretentiousness, the tiny cafe evoked a casual, unstuffy vibe. Which probably explained why it was a full-house when we visited on a weekday night for post-dinner lattes.

All of us ordered the same drink, a Latte ($5), but one look and we could see that we all got noticeably different brews. The brews may be quite inconsistent but they were bold and rich, with a pleasantly orangey chocolatey finish. Still, I didn't think the coffee here made for a necessary provision that'd require me to drive out all the way to the west to get.

Necessary Provisions
Eng Kong Park
21 Eng Kong Terrace
Tel: 9231 7920
Open Tuesdays to Thursdays from 10am to 10pm
Fridays 10am to 12midnight
Saturdays from 9am to 12midnight
Sundays from 9am to 6pm


Oysterdiaries said...

I used to live in the area! The hairdresser next to it is still where I go to cut my hair (:

And the premises were used by an egg wholesaler in the past heh.

Bern said...

i have an aunt who lives in this area too! we did notice one thing abt eng kong terrace...not sure if you picked it up too. a lot of the shops here have very Christ-centric and exaltation names.

Oysterdiaries said...

mm. I think they are small accountancy firms? They are the more recent tenants though (i.e. about 5-10 years lol). In the past they were occupied by minimarts.

andmorefood said...


Bern said...

i know i know...i'm so ashamed! hahahahaha!!!

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