Original Jln Tua Kong 132 Mee Pok, Sixth Ave

I'd heard good things about the mee pok at the Good Good Eating House. But because they sell out by mid afternoon, we only got to try it over the weekend. We walked over in the blistering morning sun for a late-ish breakfast, because we'd heard that parking was scarce. That's one thing about staying in this area. Parking is in little supply everywhere except for The Grandstand (formerly known as Turf City), and even so, there's no place with sheltered parking so if it rains, we're kind of stuck ordering home delivery if we aren't up to getting wet.

I'd read that this so-called "original" is allegedly not to be and they are imitators of the actual original in the east, but in all honesty, who cares? I'm not too concerned who's the original or copycat, as long as the food's good. Free market competition ftw! There's a reason why patents only last 20 years man.

The Mee Pok ($3.50) arrived with the plainest of ingredients, to my consternation. It just looked bare and unappetizing. This was a case of The Ugly Duckling though, as it turned out quite delicious. From the fresh tender pork and crunchy clear beansprouts to the al dente egg noodles and kickass sambal chilli, it had an uncomplicated old-school quality that titillated.There was nothing fancy schmansy about it. The ingredients were simple and plain, and so was the seasoning (they relied only on the awesome tear-inducing chilli). But, everything was fresh and there was this clean clear flavour to it that was very appealing to the Teochew side of me.

Original Jln Tua Kong 132 Mee Pok
Good Good Eating House
24 Sixth Ave
Open by 9am daily till food runs out around 2.30pm


Oysterdiaries said...

Just park... anywhere. Someone will start shouting for everyone to shift their cars when the parking attendants come hahaha.

Bern said...

hahaa, we didn't want to risk it...got a tkt at ivins earlier in the week already! besides, the coffee shop is like a 2 minute stroll away.

Oysterdiaries said...

Oh dear! I know how it feels. I parked illegally outside coro for just 5 mins to grab a tub of cream and I got a $50 ticket. ugh.

Oh! Have you always been living around the area? If you want food in a sheltered place you can drive down to Bukit Timah Food centre. There's a peranakan stall on the second floor called Nonya Delicatessen which sells simple but good stuff like nasi kunyit, laksa, mee siam etc. Oh and don't forget to get some yellow steamed tapioca kueh. It's one of our fav lunch places on a sunday.

Bern said...

just moved to the area a couple of weeks ago but since we're here temporarily, we're taking the opportunity to explore the eating areas of the west! :)

our tkt at ivins was > 100 bucks coz it was along a zig-zagged line! TIC the fine, our cheapo meal at ivins turned out very ex...ouch!

but bt timah doesnt hv shelter between the carpark and the hawker centre...if it's pouring, sure kena wet...boo! but will try that peranakan place soon, though i've heard so much abt violet oon's kitchen..hv u been there yet?

Oysterdiaries said...

Sorry I meant bukit timah plaza- totally sheltered plus there's ntuc finest for grocery shopping :D

Nope. We have a tendency of sticking to the things we always eat so it's either wanton mee, la nonna @ namly, baker & good @ greenwood ave, nonya food @ bukit timah plaza or anything from bukit timah food centre haha.

Bern said...

ah! bt timah plaza seems to hv gotten a bit nicer since my mg days. it used to be this dank depressing place with only KFC for food. now there's at least this as a viable option when it's raining. thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

Hi, the place is under renovation now. Anyone knows where the mee pok moved to? or if the mee pok will return when reno done? thank you

Anonymous said...

The coffeeshop is under renovation. Anyone knows where the Jalan Tua Kong mee pok moved to?

Bern said...

oh, thanks for the heads up! will check with my friends who live ard there if they know where the shop has gone to.

in the meantime, u can try its cousin, the 132 Mee Pok at blk 59 marine terrace, #01-105, MP 59 Food House. many foodies swear by this outlet as the original

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