Old Bibik's Nasi Rendang, Lavender Food Centre

This was another recommendation of the friend that recommended "the best popiah ever". It's funny how, despite our frequenting Lavender Food Centre, it never once occurred to us to order from this stall. We've always known it's there, it's just that we've never gotten the impetus to order from it. I suspect that a couple of young Chinese fellas selling a traditionally Malay dish may have had something to do with our skepticism as to their claim of "bibik's famous beef rendang". We didn't think it was going to be very authentic, and end up being bastardised watered down fare. Also, everytime I've been there, the stall seemed deserted. That usually is a sign of bad food, or so we thought.

Boy were we so wrong. Oh this humbling experience taught us not to pre-judge. And to listen to our friends more.

The Chicken and Beef Combo Set ($6) comprised a ginormous piece of chicken thigh and bite-sized morsels of red meat. The chicken was succulent, dripping with juices and intensely flavoured. This rendang was a lot nuttier and creamier than what we get elsewhere but possibly more delicious. The beef rendang had a more robust smoky, almost char-like essence to it, which complements the full-bodied quality of the fork-tender beef. This was exceptional and I can totally understand why the stall only sells this dish and no other. We added on some long beans ($0.50) for fibre, crunchy and lightly tossed with some dried shrimp hae bee hiam.

Don't mind the looks like eat-potato-types (transliteration of jiak kan tang, a dialect reference to English-educated peeps who cannot relate/communicate with their mother tongue) store front. The food is definitely worth it.

Old Bibik's Nasi Rendang
380 Jalan Besar
Lavender Food Centre
Tel: 9797 2842

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