House of Robert Timms, Wheelock Place

Addie and I had grand plans to go to Dempsey for brunch but that got rained out. That's the thing about Dempsey. No underground or in-house multi-storey carpark of any sort. Not even a sheltered walkway to the restaurants from the parking areas. If it's pouring, you can sure you're getting wet if you're at Dempsey, even if you're driving.  So, our last-minute wet weather plan was to head to the nearest shopping mall: Wheelock Place. Which has covered underground parking.

I've mentioned before that I like Robert Timms for its great coffee (they got me to start liking lattes when I previously abhorred caffeine) and welcoming unpretentious ambience, despite its very average food.

The pan-fried Barramundi with Cilantro Butter ($26.50), a quintessentially Aussie fish, was quite forgettable. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. The skin could have been a little more crisp, flesh a teensy bit moister and taste a dab clearer. The mash was a straight up fail though, it was sandpaper dry. That said, the spiced garlicky cherry tomato chutney and sugar snap peas with sweet browned onion relish was quite delicious.

The wonderfully earthy Cream of Mushroom ($9.90) was pure comfort food for a rainy day. It was wholesome, thick and creamy, with little mushroomy bits whipped in for texture. Multigrain toasts were great for wiping off all of that creamy goodness.

House of Robert Timms501 Orchard Road
#01-02 Wheelock Place
Tel: 6735 9201
Open daily from 8am to 1am


adel said...

The barramundi looked pretty nice actually, I'm a seafood lover:) being a cheapo, I'm waiting on their imminent GSS 1-for-1 main course promo, hopefully they are doing this again in 2013 :)

FoodieFC said...

Wa is it me, the Cream of Mushroom looks pretty expensive!

Bern said...

@adel: i wld go there for coffees and the ambience. nothing so far, food-wise, that i like enough to go back for. but maybe with their halved prices!

@FoodieFC: it was actually quite a large bowl, but still you've got a point, it's a teensy bit ex for soup. maybe during GSS it's cheaper!

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