Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant, Terminal 3

We sent my sister off back to Germany a couple of nights ago. You'd think that since she's moved to and lived in Germany for the last 5 years or so, it'd make the goodbyes easier. it was so not the case here, as evidenced by the embarrassingly public bawling at the departure gates. This was the hardest goodbye I've had to say to her, and I think it's got something to do with my adorable nephew. He's the world's sweetest (and, coming from the admittedly biased aunty, the most good-looking) child I've ever had the pleasure of babysitting. This trip marked the first time I spent alone time with my nephew, and he just completely stole my heart. I never thought my heart could be taken this way, because the Hubs technically has possession of my heart, right? But, the first time he looked at me with that wide toothy grin and big limpid brown eyes, my heart just as well melted right there and then. Coupled with his slobbery kisses and awkward bear hugs, I was a goner.

I still don't want to be a mother, but my nephew is truly one of a kind: an exceptionally and naturally mild mannered kid with the most lovable personality ever. In my rose-tinted eyes, he can do no wrong. And seriously, everyone who's met him has fallen in love with him. He's even got a fan base in my office. Whenever he visits, he can count on a bevy of young associates following him around: squealing over his every look and gushing about his every move.

Needless to say, I miss him terribly. Ah well, the silver lining's that the Hubs has gotten me back (in the emotional sense) at least. For 3 weeks, he was completely sidelined in favour of my nephew. Scrap that, he was in the penalty box for 3 weeks. I've since realised that I cannot love 2 men at the same time. Hahahaa, that should be reassuring to the Hubs, right?

Anyways, my sister's stomach was churning from the copious amounts of chilli and oily food that she'd overloaded into her 3-week stay in Singapore. So, we opted for something delicate and light to quell her tummy, like soupy stuff at Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant at the airport.

For restaurants at Terminal 3, this is considered the most "fine-dining" restaurant that's open to the general public. The food's alright, but not great. Compared to our amazing dinner at the Golden Palace branch of their Crystal Jade Group a few nights ago, this was a little disappointing. But just a teensy weensy little bit.

The Minced Pork and Vegetable Wanton La Mian ($8.50) broth was a bit of a MSG bomb, but the wantons were nicely plump and juicy.

The Seafood Thick Soup with Corn ($9) was lusciously thick and starchy with loads of egg drop and sweet corn kernels.

The Winter Melon Soup with Minced Meat ($9) was choc-a-bloc with chicken chunks, straw mushrooms, diced melon and conpoy. Despite its unassumingly cloudy appearance, this was full of umami flavour from the dried scallop bits.

Of course the brother-in-law had to get the most "ang moh" dish there was, the Sweet & Sour Pork ($14) with capsicum. And, of course, he loved it. But I thought this had a very amateurish, straight-from-ketchup-bottle taste to it. That said, the pork was fresh and tender.

It was apt that Crystal Jade used the western-styled full-bodied beef that ang mohs love so much. Being a lover of the more delicate Japanese beef, I found the Sauteed Beef ($13.80) with white button mushrooms and coloured peppers a bit too "smelly". The Professor would have loved this. And of course, so did my brother-in-law.

The Baby Kailan with Minced Garlic ($11.80) was well-executed, a satisfying crunch with a light garlicky flavour to lend flavour.

The Sauteed French Beans ($12.50) with minced meat and mei cai was another standout dish. Well-fried so it had a smoky char with a good crunch, seasoned simply with salty mei cai and chilli-accented porky mince.

The Egg White with Conpoy was very delicate, almost plain. Fluffy and moist egg whites seasoned only with sprinkles of conpoy and a raw egg yolk. This was an exercise in (very) restrained flavouring.

Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant
65 Airport Boulevard
Changi Airport Terminal 3
Tel: 6241 8468
Open daily from 10am to 11pm


andmorefood said...

it's not the best crystal jade or even the best food, but I really like this place for when I come back to Singapore after long breaks. it's now become a strange sort of homecoming to lunch here before heading home!

Bern said...

hahaa, i can totally understand that. because the town where my sister lives in is so lacking in chinese restos, this, to her, is considered awesome.

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